Why I started coaching

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Have a conversation with anyone in your immediate environment: acquaintances, friends, or family. Everyone is overstimulated, struggles with some form of chronical disease or is balancing on the edge of a burnout. How are you doing? Busy! Kids, partners, colleagues, bosses, customers, friends, organizations,… They all want something from us. And preferably at the same time. And fast. As we all have a smartphone that allows us to be connected 24/7.

And what about us?

Do we still have control over our own live? Do we even decide for ourselves what we believe is important to us? We think we do. But chances are high we don’t. It’s more probable that we live our life unconsciously in reaction instead of in conscious creation. And that is what is costing us all that energy.

You can perfectly use your willpower to shape your own world. For example, in your career, your relation or any other part of your life. But willpower and time are finite. At a certain point in time both cannot be stretched further and that’s when the trouble really begins. By the time it’s too late, autoimmune diseases, burnout and depression have entered your life. There goes all that energy you had.

Live doesn’t have to be a struggle

Or maybe you think that’s the case? That you need to suffer to get somewhere in life? Than you probably picked that up along the way. Through your parents, teachers, the media, your religion, or from another place in the world around you. These and other similar beliefs that we have made our own since we were a child drive our thinking, feeling and the way we act.

For the most part of the time, we are not aware of this. We don’t ask ourselves why we make certain choices. The house we live in, the partner lying next to us in bed, the job we have been doing for years, the habits and rituals we start and close our day with. The majority of the time this happens on auto-pilot, outside of our consciousness.

We can choose to live a conscious live

How can we prevent to end up washed-out even before we have begun living our life? The answer is simple: by choosing to live life consciously. By becoming aware of our thoughts and emotions and make room for true and impactful creation.

You don’t need to accept mediocracy and a score of seven and a half out of ten. Your life can be one of greatness, the result of your own fully-realized potential. The energy that you then radiate effects everyone that crosses your path. You will become an inspiration for them to act from integrity, responsibility, love for yourself and love for live.

“Most people don’t fear failing, they fear experiencing their own greatness”

The power to create our own reality is inside all of us is. It is unlimited and incredibly strong. It’s just that we don’t always succeed to tap into this power to go after what we really want in our lives.

That’s why I coach people, to let them discover their own greatness so they can take action from there in line with their higher Self. Because I believe that this way every individual can contribute to creating a world in which love and consciousness reign. 

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