Live life consciously

Shift Control seeks to be a source of inspiration for all things contributing to conscious living – and therefore to a more joyful life, benefiting you and everyone around you. It’s that simple.

Consistent, even small, conscious efforts can lead to huge results. That’s our philosophy. That’s how we live life – consciously, on our own terms. Does that resonate?

Nomadic workplace

Today, we have the digital tools to be productive and collaborate anywhere, anytime. Our mobile office is the embodiment of this new way of working. We set up shop near our clients, in nature or in places that inspire us.

Check out our Instagram page to find out where we’ll be taking our nomadic workplace. Drop by for a cup of coffee or tea. We love to chat about a wide range of subjects.

Shift Control: Hans Vandenberghe


Are you looking for a more balanced life? Are you ready to take responsibility for everything that is happening to you and around you? Let me coach you on the path towards more joy and peace in all aspects of your life.

Together, we determine your personal vision and eliminate anything that does not contribute to realizing that vision of yourself. You will receive tools and techniques that enable you to grow new habits and ways of thinking. Our approach is holistic and focuses on balance and mindfulness.

Curious? Get in touch!

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