Live life consciously

Shift Control seeks to be a source of inspiration for all things contributing to conscious living – and therefore to a more joyful life, benefiting you and everyone around you. It’s that simple.

Consistent, even small, conscious efforts can lead to huge results. That’s our philosophy. That’s how we live life – consciously, on our own terms. Does that resonate?


Are you looking for a more fulfilled life? Do you want to shake off disempowering beliefs and grow through new insights? Interested to find out how you can shape your own future? Let me coach you on the path towards the best version of yourself.
Together, we determine your personal vision, dive into your coaching goals and make them crystal clear. In 6 or 12 sessions we move together to realize your goals. You will be amazed about the level of your commitments and the impact of your actions. Are you ready to tap into your own unconscious power?
Shift Control: Hans Vandenberghe

Mobile coaching space

What if you could have a coaching session at a location near you? Somewhere peaceful, in nature. Or in the middle of the historic center of Ghent, for example. With our nomadic coaching space we create a peaceful cocoon for a conversation in which we dance to achieve magical things.

This nomadic coaching space is the embodiment of the freedom that can be created if that is what you desire. Freedom from the average, from predefined boundaries put in place by family, society, cultural factors and most importantly your own limiting beliefs.

Coaching, you say?

Yes, coaching! That means we look into your future, together. My role is to be the driver and you tell me where you’re going. I’m here to drive you towards where you want to be. You are the one in charge. You possess all the power to transform yourself and with that everything around you. You might not believe this while you are reading this, but once you start the ride it soon becomes clear.
The coaching principles and techniques I apply are those of Creative Consciousness. Read more about what they are all about on their website. For more details about coaching with, check out the Frequently Asked Questions section on our website (scroll down). You can request a free over-the-phone Chemistry Call to see if we are a match.

About Hans

Hi! My name is Hans and I’ll be your coach, if you invite me to be. I’m an entrepreneur with a passion for people in organizations and I’m dedicating increasingly more time to support people in reaching their full potential.

I seriously believe there is only one way to transform the world and that is to transform yourself. This requires actions and, more importantly, consciousness. I want to help you to make consciousness living a habit so that you can shift control of your life. Read more about me in the Frequently Asked Questions section and in this blog post about why I became a coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people know coaching from the world of sports. Because of the increased demand for personal and professional coaching, the coaching profession has gained popularity. A coach works in partnership with a client to define where he or she wants to go and to help the client develop strategies to arrive there. This can involve all areas of live: finance, relations, family, health, career, spirituality, work-life balance,…
Coaching is based on the core belief that people have everything they need in them to attain the goals they desire. One of the ambitions of coaching is to awaken this potential and to develop it into skills and strong qualities. By asking effective questions and using awareness creations, a coach ails to bring back clarity and direction into the live of his or her client. Coaching allows for faster growth.

In coaching, the coach ‘follows’ the client which allows the later to the discover all answers and new options. The art of coaching is to disappear and create space, allowing the client to discover wh t is needed to source his own strength in reaching the pre-agreed goals.
The difference with therapy is that coaching personal and/or professional growth, meaning it brings the client in a forward motion and that it is directed towards the future. Therapy focusses on healing pain, dysfunction and conflict in individuals or between individuals. The focus is often on finding a solution for the issues that arise from the and are hindering the emotional functioning of the client. Therapy often results in an improved emotional state for the client.

I am trained in the coaching methodology called consciousness coaching. This means that my role exists of creating the circumstances for you to become aware of what you want in your life and what is holding you back to live your full potential. We work action-oriented towards your goals with responsibility and integrity as our drivers.

The core principle of consciousness coaching is that you have everything in you to shape your own future. I am here, for 100 percent committed to guide you on that journey. This implies to every occasion we meet, also during the first free coaching session.

In addition you receive tools and techniques to (awareness creations) to further develop your awareness This allows you to live a more consciousness life, according to your own vision. How does that sound?

Consciousness coaching is a coaching methodology created by Creative consciousness. On their website you can find all information about their organization and approach.

A coaching session takes up around 1 hour. This can be a little bit more or less, depending on how fast we have clarity on our coaching goal and the further steps in the coaching protocol. Time permitting, we can agree to immediately start a new session.

In our first coaching session we focus on your vision and define inspiring goals. If there is enough time left, we can already start taking steps towards one of your goals.

The goal of a Chemistry Call is to quickly determine if coaching at is your thing. There is no fixed procedure for this conversation. I listen to what your needs are and answer any questions you might have, be it practical, about me or the coaching methodology. We can then decide to start a coaching cycle or not. It is possible that as a result of our conversation we decide that coaching by me is not the way forward for you. If you like, I can refer you to another coach, therapist or support expert.

Being coached means stepping into an commitment, that is obvious. In coaching you want a coach who is a match you and a coaching methodology that inspires you.

You can request a free chemistry call to get to know me and to get more details about the coaching methodology.

In addition, you get the first 1-hour coaching session for free. If that’s not your cup of thee, no problem. It’s on the house, you don’t have to pay.

Are you convinced after our first session? Than you buy a six-session package. The price for this is 1.800 euro, VAT included. The first session is also part of this package.

Coaching is a deductable cost for professionals and the VAT amount (21%) can also be reclaimed.

Does your employer pay for your coaching? Then the price for a six-session package is 1.800 euro VAT not included.

If the coaching sessions take place during office hours and if needed, we gladly coach on location. There is a travel coast of 0.40 euro per kilometer.

You can book a coaching session via our appointment planner which you can find on .You can choose between face-to-face coaching sessions in the coaching bus, at a location of your choice or remote (over-the-phone or with Zoom).

It can be that you are facing an important decision or something came up which requires you tro have support in the form of a coaching conversation. Youc an use the appointment planner to schedule a Quick Impact Call. This conversation take maximum 20 minutes and can be planned fairly quick and flexible. The cost of one Quick Impact Session is 60 euro, VAT excluded.

You can also buy a package of Quick Impact Calls. This package of five conversations (over-the-phone or via Zoom) costs 250 euro, VAT excluded. Are you interested? Let me know during one of our coaching sessions or send an email to

The coaching sessions take place in the coaching bus (nomadic coaching space). This space offers all comfort to have a high-quality coaching conversation. The bus has a table and comfortable seating to accommodate a confidential conversation. There is heating in winter time and we serve thee.

In the Ghent region we agree to a place for the coaching session. This can be on your drive way at home but also on a quiet place a little further away.

If coaching is needed outside the Ghent region, an additional cost of 0.40 euro is charged for the traveling costs.

If you want, we can conduct the coaching session in a space you choose yourself, for example at your home or at the office. As long as the room meets the requirements for a focused and confidential conversation (no distraction), this is absolutely ok.

When planning a coaching session with our appointment planner you can immediately choose to have the session in the coaching van or at another location.

We prefer face-to-face sessions but we offer also remote coaching over-the-phone or via Zool. With Zoom we can have coaching conversation from different countries without having additional telephone costs. In addition Zoom allows us to have visual contact through its video option.

You can easily schedule a remote coaching session with our appointment planner.

The entire coaching cycle and all communication regarding our journey can be conducted both in English and in Dutch.

Good question! My name is Hans Vandenberghe and I have been very active for some years to integrate consciousness into my life. Be it about conscious eating, sleeping, communicating, reflecting or moving. I continuously experiment with new habits and wats to shape the different aspects of my life the way I wish them to be.

This is my personal mission: “I pursue greatness based on my own choices. Every day I dedicate to the full expression of my higher Self in an inspirational way for all my loved ones and everyone else. Because I am convinced that this way I create a world in which consciousness and love reign.”

I am 45 years old, father of two amazing teens. I’m an organizational psychologist who runs a consulting business to support large organization with their internal digital communication and collaboration. In addition, I am increasingly dedicating more time to coaching.

Why am I bitten by coaching? Because it is magical! Because the feeling of gratefulness to let people discover their own inner strength cannot be described in words. Because of the immense energy I get from it. And because I believe in the effectiveness of consciousness coaching. I can testify about that myself.
I pursue the integration of the consciousness coaching principles in my life. This way, coaching has become a way of life for me. This has brought immediate, tangible results in all my relations: with my children, my partner, colleagues, customers, family, friends and any who crosses my path.

You too can choose to live consciously and experience the freedom to shape your relation with everything that is.
If you want to know why I started coaching? Read my blogpost “Why I started coaching”.

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